Class Descriptions

The Classic Ride

An indoor cycling workout that focuses on endurance, strength, intervals and high intensity work.   Energizing music and challenging terrain will motivate you and leave you wanting more at the end of class.


Receive an epic dose of high energy as you ride to the hottest beats of Hip Hop, EDM, Deep House, and Latin music! Not recommended for those who are sensitive to explicit lyrics.

Serenity Spin 

Experience a beautiful ride of serenity and recovery together on the bike. A blissful space to listen and meditate and focus on the mind/body connection. Mindfulness teaches us to be more present, productive and creative.  You will leave feeling refreshed and grateful!

Heavy Bag

Sharpen your boxing skills and develop a strong body and confident mindset with this calorie crushing workout.

Drip Circuit

Circuit training is a style of workout with different stations or exercises performed at a high intensity with very little rest. Drip circuit consists of 12 stations with one minute of work at each station with the goal of completing it 2x. Coaches will adjust the work/recovery ratio for beginners!


Drip is a fierce yet go at your own pace fusion of cardio and strength training. This sweaty, calorie scorching workout is full of energy and guaranteed fun!

Flow Yoga

Energetic movement through a series of asanas ( yoga postures), by which the student experiences a fluid physical motion. Class winds down with a relaxing meditation and sweet smells of essential oils.

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